1337 E Mason

Photos taken on August 24, 2015.  Click on any picture for a larger version.

The condemned building appears to be the brick garage behind the house at 1337 E Mason.  Per the 1936 Sanborn Map, this brick building was an “Auto Painting & Body Works” with a roof full of skylights.

The WI AHI has a listing for this brick garage (link below).  Built around 1923, the building may be eligible for NRHP listing.

WI AHI listing here

1337 E Mason 01 1337 E Mason 02 1337 E Mason 03 1337 E Mason 04 1337 E Mason 05 1337 E Mason 06 1337 E Mason 07 1337 E Mason house 01 1337 E Mason house 02 1337 E Mason house 03

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