Historic Ships

Wm. Jason Flatt, P.E., has over 13 years of experience as a naval architect in the shipbuilding industry.  Responsibilities included generating plans and procedures for vessel transfer, launch, and drydocking (“Facility Operations Supervisor for Marinette Marine Corporation, Ship Transfer and Side Launch System” (MIL-STD-1625C(SH)).  Further responsibilities included preparing stability analyses and conducting inclining experiments (over 50 to date on commercial, USCG, and US Navy vessels).  Project management responsibilities included preparing and managing contractual agreements with customers and subcontractors.

Do you or your organization have a historic vessel in need of attention?  Fairchild & Flatt is happy to providing design, engineering, or consulting services and to serve as your representative in preparing and managing your vessel repair contract.  Fairchild & Flatt’s expertise in naval architecture and historic preservation is uniquely suited to meet your needs.

Jason NOAA