c. 1904 Souvenir of Marinette

Fairchild & Flatt is pleased to share the complete contents of the c. 1904 book A Souvenir of Marinette, Wisconsin (Published by C. O. Stiles, Iron Mountain, Mich.).

F&F owns a complete copy of this rare book.  The book is fragile and does not easily lend itself to scanning–the images below are digital photographs of each page.  It may be possible, upon request, to scan a higher resolution version of any given page, but, given as that the book measures only 10″ wide by 7″ tall, please understand that the images below are reasonably close to the highest resolution possible.

The contents of this book ARE available elsewhere online; however, one more copy never hurt.  The copyright has expired.  The numbers in the index below match the numbers of the image file names.  Photos are below the index.  Enjoy.

01 – Cover
02 – Inside cover
03 – Title Page
04 – Credits
05 – Marinette, Its Past, Present and Future, by Edward E. Payne
06 – same
07 – same
08 – same
09 – same
10 – same
11 – Bird’s-Eye View of Marinette, Looking Southwest from Menominee Side of River
12 – Marinette City Fire Department at No. 2 Hose House; Marinette County Courthouse; Armory of Company “I.”
13 – Marinette High School; Ella Court School; Park School; Garfield School
14 – The Merryman School; The Lincoln School; The Menekaune School
15 – St. Joseph’s Convent; St. Mary’s Institute; Our Lady of Lourdes School
16 – St. Joseph’s (French) Catholic Church; Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church; Sacred Heart (Polish) Catholic Church; St. Antonius (German) Catholic Church
17 – Swedish Baptist Chapel; First Baptist Church; Swedish Baptist Church; Pioneer Presbyterian Church
18 – Swedish M. E. Church; Gram M. E. Church; Norwegian M. E. Church; German M. E. Church; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
19 – Swedish Zion Lutheran Church; Our Saviour Norwegian Church; Danish Trinity Lutheran Church; German Evangelical Trinity Lutheran School; German Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Church
20 – Union Chapel; Evangelical Friedens (German) Church; First Church of Christ, Scientists; Moses Montefiore Temple; Swedish Evangelical Mission
21 – Dunlap Square Building; Stephenson Public Library; Stephenson National Bank
22 – The new Stephenson Block. To be occupied by Lauerman Bros.; Hotel Marinette; The Stephenson Building
23 – C., M., & St. P. R’y Depot; Interior View of Marinette & Menominee Street R’y Co’s Power House; C. & N.-W. R’y Depot; Menominee River Hospital
24 – Smith, Thorndike & Brown Co.; Y. M. C. A. Block; City Water Works Station; Scott Theater
25 – Hall Avenue, looking east; Hall Avenue, looking west; Main Street, looking northwest from Pierce Avenue
26 – Main Street, looking east from Eleventh Street; Main Street, looking east from Pierce Avenue; Hosmer Street, looking east; Main Street, looking east from Gram M. E. Church
27 – Riverside Avenue, looking northwest; Pierce Avenue, looking north; Upper Hall Avenue, looking east; Marinette Avenue, looking northeast
28 – Residence of I. K. Hamilton, Jr.; Residence of A. C. Merryman; Residence of J. B. Goodman
29 – Residence of Mrs. E. Carney; A View of Main Street, showing Residences of Warren J. Davis, Wm. A. Brown and Chelse T. Miller; Residence of Fred Carney, Jr.
30 – Residence of F. J. Lauerman; View of State Street looking North, showing the Residence of J. A. VanCleve; Residence of C. A. Goodman
31 – Residence of Hon. I. Stephenson; Residence of Francis A. Brown; Residence of I. Watson Stephenson; Residence of Henry Swart
32 – Residence of M. J. Culnan; Residence of J. F. Wenk; Residence of Harry J. Brown; Sheriff’s Residence and County Jail; Residence of Pierre A. Martineau
33 – Plant of the A. W. Stevens Co.; The Marinette Iron Works
34 – The H. Witbeck Co’s Mill; N. Ludington Co’s “Old White Mill”; N. Ludington Co’s “Red Mill”
35 – Sawyer & Goodman Co’s Mill; R. W. Merryman & Co’s Mill; The Merryman Manufacturing Co’s Mill
36 – Lieber & Noel Manufacturing Co’s Shingle Mill; Marinette & Menominee Paper Co’s Park Mills; Marinette & Menominee Box Co.; Marinette & Menominee Paper Co’s Riverside Mill
37 – Marinette Lumber Co’s Planing Mill; Marinette Lumber Co’s Mill; Marinette Planing Mill Co.
38 – Lindem & Miller’s Planing Mill; Marinette Flour Mill Co.; Marinette Brass and Iron Foundry; Marinette Soap Co.
39 – Views of the Northern Chautauqua Assembly of Marinette
40 – Views of the Northern Chautauqua Assembly of Marinette
41 – Views of the Northern Chautauqua Assembly Grounds
42 – VIEWS OF THE NORTHERN CHAUTAUQUA ASSEMBLY; The Dormitory Building; Tennis Court; Pleasure Pier; An Avenue of Tents and Cottages
43 – View from Lakeside, showing the Helen C and the Yachts of R. C. Merryman, N. J. Nordin and C. L. Saxton; Lakeside Inn; The Band Stand at Lakeside; A View of the Bay from Lakeside
44 – A Scene on the Road t Peshtigo Harbor; Oakwood Beach, showing the Club House; Ice Boating on the Bay; A Shady Walk at Oakwood Beach
45 – Looking up the Menominee River; Bird’s-Eye View of the Harbor and River from the roof of Carpenter, Cook & Co’s Building; Drivers at work on Menominee River
46 – A Boat Partially Loaded, showing method of loading; Boats Loading Lumber on Menominee River; The Fire Tug, “Menominee River.”; The “City of Racine,” of the Goodrich Line
47 – Menominee River Boom Co’s Scaling Gap; Hamilton & Merryman Co’s Planing Mill; Menominee River Boom Co’s Working Gap; Menominee River Boom Co’s Sorting Gap
48 – Carferry “Manistique.”; A View in City Park; The Menekaune Dock; Hon. I. Stephenson’s Yacht “Bonita.”; Geo. H. Keerl’s Yacht “Ingersoll.”
49 – A Typical Lumber Camp in Marinette County; Thunder Lake. Highest body of water in Wisconsin; High Falls on the Peshtigo River; A Typical Load of Logs in the Neighboring Lumber Woods
50 – Three Farming Scenes in Marinette County; Lake Noquebay
51 – Back cover

Stiles001Stiles002Stiles003Stiles004 Stiles005 Stiles006Stiles007 Stiles008 Stiles009 Stiles010 Stiles011Stiles012 Stiles013 Stiles014 Stiles015 Stiles016 Stiles017 Stiles018 Stiles019 Stiles020 Stiles021 Stiles022 Stiles023 Stiles024 Stiles025 Stiles026Stiles027 Stiles028 Stiles029 Stiles030 Stiles031 Stiles032 Stiles033 Stiles034 Stiles035 Stiles036 Stiles037 Stiles038 Stiles039 Stiles040 Stiles041 Stiles042 Stiles043 Stiles044 Stiles046 Stiles045 Stiles047 Stiles048 Stiles049 Stiles050 Stiles051

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