Restoration, Rehabilitation, & Reproduction

Fairchild & Flatt are ready to help you with the restoration, rehabilitation, or reproduction of missing elements for your historic building.  Thorough research reveals the way things were.  Our architectural and engineering know-how allow us to create detailed drawings and plans for making things the way they ought to be.

Below please find a few examples of our work.

Reproduction Tower –

An 1881 Queen Anne had lost its 3rd-story tower in a fire during the first quarter of the 20th century.  A reproduction had been installed in the 1990s, but it was largely unsatisfactory and needed to be replaced.

Plate 85

The house, as seen around 1990

Extensive research conducted by Fairchild & Flatt yielded some photographs of the house (and its nearly identical neighbor) as it appeared prior to 1900.

George house big

1863 big

Further research indicated that the original plan of the house appears to have been strongly influenced by the designs of Palliser & Palliser of Bridgeport, CT.  Individual architectural details were borrowed directly from Woodward’s National Architect of 1869.  These details include Plate 9 (tower windows), Plate 16 (roof cresting), Plate 27 (gothic trefoils-&-triangles in bargeboard gingerbread and tower gable finials), Plate 65 (flat-sawn porch balusters), and, most notably, Plate 85 (the original inspiration for the third story of the tower itself).


Based on the photographs and architectural drawings, a new, historically accurate tower could be designed.

tower in autocad

After designing the new tower, Fairchild & Flatt then created detailed construction drawings, enabling the builder to follow step-by-step instructions for the off-site fabrication of the new tower.


tower 4-03-08 001

tower progress 2


A foundation for the new tower was built and the tower was installed via crane.

tower ready to go up 7 28 08

crane for tower

tower up

new tower 4

Reproduction Wallpaper

Wallpaper & ceiling paper from Bradbury & Bradbury and Wolff House, selected, trimmed, pasted, and installed by Fairchild & Flatt.  We also suggest considering Mason & Wolf wallpaper for your papering project.


Porch Design – 

With all original porch elements missing, Fairchild & Flatt designed a new porch for the same 1881 Queen Anne using photographs and pattern book details.  The original porch was enlarged around 1905 and included the addition of an entry vestibule.  A front bay window was removed as part of that c. 1905 alteration.  Rather than attempt to return to the original 1881 appearance, the decision was made to keep the c. 1905 porch footprint, but incorporate design elements from the original 1881 porch, including the columns, corbels, moldings, and flat-sawn balusters.  Fairchild & Flatt designed all elements of the porch.  The dentil moulding was fabricated and installed by Fairchild & Flatt, as was the beadboard porch ceiling.



House June 09

Aesthetic Drapes –

Drapery designed by Fairchild & Flatt based on research of period-appropriate aesthetic movement examples of the 1880s.

Aesthetic Drapes