1308 E Walnut

Photos taken on August 24, 2015.  Click on any picture for a larger version.  The adjacent, empty corner lot had a house on it as recently as 2012.

There is a WI AHI listing for this house here.

The house is for sale.  The realtor’s listing is here.  Note the old photo in the listing.  Current siding (and removal of balcony detail on corbels above 1st story window) was done prior to 2012.

1308 E Walnut 01 1308 E Walnut 02 1308 E Walnut 03 1308 E Walnut 04 1308 E Walnut 05 1308 E Walnut 06 1308 E Walnut 07 1308 E Walnut 08 1308 E Walnut 09 1308 E Walnut 10 1308 E Walnut 11

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